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Welcome to Venice Classic Radio!

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A sonata by Vivaldi, a Mozart quartet or a piano concerto by Rachmaninov?

Trio di TriesteIf you have reached this page, any music you may like, it means that you share with us the love for the classical music. Venice Classic Radio is an Italian webradio which can be heard all over the world, anywhere an internet connection is available. Our repertoire ranges from ancient music of the Renaissance to that the '900, with particular attention to Italian composers and performers.

Listening to Venice Classic Radio Live is simple: just click on the icon 'Listen' placed just above and, through our personalized player, you can see every detail concerning the music played. Not only that: you can also connect to the web site of the interpreter or decide to buy the CD directly from Amazon!

You didn't have the time to write all this information? Never mind: click on the icon 'Last 5' and you get the same information (and the same links) on the last 5 tracks transmitted, on the one currently transmitted and on the next one!

Clicking on the icon 'Programmes', you will see the program information and the playlist of Venice Classic Radio (the service will be expanded in the near future).

Read our blog! You'll find previews of programs and news from the world of music and culture, with the opportunity to write your comments and reflections. Incidentally: we expect you in our fine community made of one official page in Facebook and by the group 'Friends of Venice Classic Radio' that keeps us united with you in a friendly exchange of messages. Alternatively, you can choose to follow us on Twitter!

We wish you to enjoy a good listening and for many hours in the company of Venice Classic Radio!


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Venice Classic Radio garantisce che i contenuti dei programmi e del portale web siano adatti ad un pubblico di tutte le età.

They SAID...

La musica è una rivelazione più alta della filosofia
Ludwig Van Beethoven


Today the musica has been wonderful. Thank you......muchas gracias...
Wendy H.


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