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Help with problems of receiving and listening

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Here you casn find solutions to the most common problems of receiving and listening.
For further queries please write to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

alt I do not know how to listen to Venice Classic Radio
alt Venice Classic Radio is a webradio, you can listen anywhere where an internet connection is present, using PCs, smartphones or webreceivers. Pressing the 'Listen' button will open our own player, compatible with almost all existing PCs, and you will begin to hear Venice Classic Radio. For other devices, you should refer to the help available at this link.

alt I press on the 'Listen' button, but the player does not appear
alt In some browsers there is a pop up blocker to stop the opening of pages of unsolicited advertising. By clicking on 'Listen' button, this blocker can intervene and prevent the player window from opening; in which case a warning message appears to allow the opening of the window. The pop up can be active in some toolbars (eg Google's toolbar).

alt I press on the 'Listen' button, the window opens, but a warning message appears that asks me to download Adobe Flash (®)
alt The player of Venice Classic Radio, being a web application, requires no installation. However, its functionality is based on Adobe Flash, which is present in 95% of PCs. If the PC is not equipped, you can download it for free at this Adobe link.

alt The reception is difficult, because several outages occur
alt Listening to Venice Classic Radio require the receipt of a continuous data stream (the so-called streaming) to 128 kbit per second. This poses no problem for an ordinary ADSL line, but it may be difficult for a connection via wireless router or through the UMTS network. In these latter cases, in fact, the speed of the connection depends, apart from its nominal capacity (ie the one stated by the provider), also on the intensity of the received signal. If the receiving device is very far from the router (or is in an area favored for the UMTS signal), the connection speed decreases significantly, and it is no longer able to guarantee the continuous reception of the stream, causing frequent interruptions in the audio signal. Often the problem can be resolved by changing the position of the wireless route, or connecting to the receiving device (if that possibility is foreseen) a high gain directional antenna pointed toward the same router.
For more information, please contact our This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

alt The reception has been always good, but today there are frequent interruptions or cannot hear anything

The streaming takes place from our server to all receivers spread around the world through Internet, which is ideally structured like the branches of a tree: at each branch is a node. If a node fails, the stream is interrupted, causing problems to the receiver. That's why sometimes the reception is difficult, although it normally works with regularity. We are able to control the operating of the broadcast server, but not the ones of individual nodes around the world. In any case, if you have reception problems, please report them to our  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  who will carry out appropriate checks. 
Another cause may be attributed to traffic present in the home network: downloading some files (eg: an email attachment quite large) or a decoder for receiving on-demand internet TV may saturate the capacity of available bandwidth, resulting in interruptions in the receiving streaming.

alt While using 'Venice Player', a short interruption of about one second occurs

The interruption of the streaming that occurs every two hours for about one second, using the Venice Player, is our trick in order to clear the cache memory of the browser, and thus prevent slowdown or instability problems of the PC. This, therefore, is not an anomaly, but is part of the routine functions of the player.



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