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Orchestral Life: win the next audition! Ninety hours of courses in an Italian villa of the 17th century

Circuito Musica promotes Orchestral Life: win the next audition!, a great and innovative musical marathon with an educational imprinting born for giving a reply to the need of making more professional the young musicians, and train them to the most important challenges of their careers: auditions and orchestral competitions. This is the delicate mission assigned to the professors and tutors by the artistic director of Orchestral Life, Mr. Ernesto Casareto (CEO of Circuito Musica).
Orchestral Life will take place from the 11th to the 18th September, 2015, at the XVII Century villa 'Palazzo Bassi Brugnatelli' in Robbiate (near Milano) and boasts, amongst its professors, the soloists of the most prestigious orchestras, as Filarmonica della Scala, Orchestra Sinfonica della RAI (Italian National Television and Radio), Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia, etc., together with lawyers, fiscal experts and psychologists specialized in the music filed. Here - in summary - what Orchestral Life offers:

Orchestral Life boasts the cooperation of the best professors from the most prestigious orchestras and academias, for giving the musicians the chance to learn by directly getting in contact with the excellence, both during the classes and in the orchestra, getting ready to face the auditions at their best:
Ennio Nicotra (orchestra conducting), Francesca Patané (singing), Davide Formisano and Francesco Loi (flute), Fabien Tohuand (oboe), Fabrizio Meloni and Giovanni Picciati (clarinet), Gabriele Screpis and Francesco Bossone (bassoon), Guglielmo Pellarin and Jorge Monte de Fez (horn), Marco Braito (trumpet), Daniele Morandini (trmbone), Francesco De Angelis and Stefano Pagliani (violin), Antonello Farulli and Davide Zaltron (viola), Massimo Polidori e Sandro Laffranchini (cello), Francesco Siragusa and Giuseppe Ettorre (double bass), Luisa Prandina and Elena Corni (harp), Simona Slaviero (timpani) and Cristiano Pirola (percussions).

Individual and group lessons
The first five mornings are dedicated to individual and group classes: the courses are divided by instrument and each professor present the audition repertoire with rehearsals in session, individual lessons for making the student develop a critical sense of listening and preparing him for the execution in the orchestra.

Excerpts and soli in orchestra
The afternoons all the instruments gather in orchestra for facing excerpts and soli: on shift, each student will play his audition’s passage having the whole orchestra available, in order to listen to and to understand the context in which his excerpt or solo is included, with which other instruments interacts and, therefore, being able to face the executive aspect with more consciousness.

Orchestra rehearsals
After the excerpts in the orchestra, the day will proceed with the study of the program of the concerts with M° Ennio Nicotra and his students of the orchestra conducting course: a further experience in orchestra with young directors and a famous professor of huge experience.

In order to give a complete training experience, not only related to instruments activity, five seminars have been specifically developed; each of them is about a topic strictly connected to the musicians’ life: Self entrepreneurship, taxation, SIAE, ENPALS, entertainment law, discography and anxiety management. Professionals and experts of these fields will intervene.

Simulated auditions
The heart of the whole course will be the simulated auditions that will take place the last two mornings: the professors - together with other famous guests chosen amongst musicians, orchestra conductors, artic directors and agents - will from an artistic committee which will judge the student in the execution of the excerpts/soli, giving to the candidate feedback and indications to be used as a starting point for improving, in order to have a solid competence in auditions and contests.

As successful completion of the working week there will be the concerts in orchestra directed by the best student of the conducting course, under the supervision of the instrument professors and of M° Ennio Nicotra. This is for consolidate the experience matured during the classes and for sharing the joy of making music together!

Orchestral Life 2015 is realized with the sponsorship, the patronize and the collaboration of: Consiglio della Regione Lombardia, Provincia di Lecco, Comune di Robbiate, Sony Classical Italia, D’Addario, Bode Music Gear, BG France, Cavalli Musica, Rivista Musica, FaLaUt, Radio Classica, Venice Classic Radio, Palazzo Bassi Brugnatelli Onlus, Riboli azienda vitivinicola, Uber, Hotel Melas.
The organizers guarantee preferential fees and agreements with hotels and restaurants in Robbiate - all proposals are visible, as well as other information, on Orchestral Life’s website www.orchestrallife.com

Do not miss this chance: apply immediately and get ready to win the next auditions!

Info: [Web Site] [Pdf Brochure] [Registration]


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