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Massimo Lombardi

Massimo Lombardi

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Johann Sebastian Bach was born on March 21, 1685 in Eisenach. It is his 327th birthday today! So we decided to dedicate a special tribute to him tonight at 20:00!


23th March 2012

The music in the time of Stradivari: Andrea Zani
The 'Archduke Trio' by Beethoven


22th March 2012

The music in the time of Stradivari: Andrea Zani
The two Intermezzi Op.116 by Johannes Brahms


16th March 2012

The Ensemble 'L'Aura Soave' plays music of Carlo Piazzi.
The 'Notturni' of Martucci performed on piano by Giuseppe Devastato.


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They SAID...

Ogni giorno dovremmo ascoltare una piccola melodia, leggere una bella poesia, vedere una pittura squisita e, se possibile, dire delle parole sensibili

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe


Outstanding playlist, outstanding audio quality! What more could you ask for. Well done!!
Alan P.


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